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ATS Motor
Every system requires powerful and reliable propulsion. The ATS rear-wheel drive is the heart of Suntour ATS system and is available immediately as a power package for E-45 speed pedelecs such as BULLS Outlaw E45. With its 80Nm torque and 500W power (max. 750W) it ensures an impressive start and thrust directly at the rear. It has virtually no power loss and is still lively and agile beyond the 25mph mark.

The more powerful the rear-wheel drive, the less load is felt at the chain ring, chain, and cassette. Also, another unbeatable advantage is the quick after-service. Solutions such as thru-axle for a quick and easy wheel changes and a custom-fit disc brake mounting mean comfort and security and are unique to eBIKE rear motors. To achieve this, the “ventilation fin” (or cooling fin) controls the temperature of the motor without itself getting too hot to further ensure that drive unit provides a high level of performance.

ATS Battery
Collaborated with BMZ, the leading German battery supplier, ATS battery supports the most extensive and demanding rides with a range of up to 95 miles and a charging time of 4 to 5 hours. Also, the battery is removable and can be charged on the eBIKE or uninstalled from the eBIKE.

ATS Display
The ATS Display together with the handlebar remote control is the communication center of the ATS system to ensure your safe ride. It shows all the essential information while in use or after use such as speed, range, and riding modes. Lightweight and compact with a display size of 2.7”, the ATS display also comes with the walk-assist function and a mini USB port for smartphone charging.


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