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Shimano STePS E8000
The powerful SHIMANO STePS motor is strong enough to handle the steepest trails, yet intuitive enough to give you just the right amount of support every pedal stroke along the way. The new, smaller drive unit, results in shorter chainstays, more ground clearance, and a maximum output of 70Nm of torque. Specifically designed to power an eMTB and attain the natural riding experiences of a normal MTB, the STePS E8000 drive unit assists up to 20mph with a nominal output of 250W.
At a mere 6.2-pound, the E8000’s low weight ensures improved bike handling. In addition, the narrow Q-factor of 177mm (same as current XT) helps provide better pedaling efficiency. As a result, the drive unit has a stable assist power output which is regulated by cadence.
Our E-8000-powered eMTBs comes equipped with Shimano Di2 (electric drivetrain) seamlessly integrated with the drive unit, which results in the ultimate e-Shifting experience.

Crank Set/Chain
Lightweight yet rigid crankset for direct power transfer built on Shimano’s proven technology to give you reliability and confidence from first to last pedal stroke. The e-MTB specific crankset is designed to work in sync with the Hollowtech II bottom bracket for unparalleled effectiveness and reliability. It comes in two crank options: the FC-E8050 with hollow crank arm and the FC-E8000 with solid crank arm. A shorter 165mm crank arm is offered to minimize pedal strike and maintain a smooth cadence and motor assistance.

Shimano Battery
The 504Wh integrated battery is powered by a group of lithium-ion batteries. The ultra-durable weather-resistant battery has an MTB dedicated low profile design for improved impact and vibration resistance. In optimal riding conditions, it has a range of 137 miles on one full charge. The removable battery can be charged both on the bike or off. Current E-CORE Di2 FS 27.5+ is equipped with this Shimano integrated battery.

Twin Core Technology
In an ongoing effort to prove that form and function go together, and that aesthetics is as important as high performance, BULLS continues to lead with new innovations.
Developed together with BMZ, Twin-Core technology enables a rider to add a second battery (375Wh/each) to power the E-CORE EVO EN Di2 FS 27.5 + or leave it empty as a storage compartment. By adding a second battery you can accomplish further rides with the help of a combined capacity of 750Wh.

Cycle Computer Display
The two-in-one cycle computer not only gives you information from the STePS motor and is synced with the Di2 drivetrain. The sleek bar-mounted computer shows gear number, power assist mode, and battery range information all on the same interface.

STePS offers customization of power-assist settings to match your unique riding. These options can be wirelessly adjusted via Bluetooth using your smartphone or tablet with Shimano’s E-Tube app. A vibrant color screen provides great readability where each of the four available modes is assigned a unique color. Assist modes are controlled via shifter-like paddles on the left side of the handle bar. Identical shifters on the right side control your rear derailleur, making the Di2 experience seamless and intuitive.


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